Tusker – Providing relief facilities during Covid-19

India-based logistics organisation Tusker joins the growing list of SF partners who are coming to people’s aid during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Getting essential items to people in remote areas of India can be very challenging.  Tusker uses its logistics system to enable rural crowd-sourced freight transportation to deliver to outlying towns and villages and address this “last mile distribution” issue. However, during the current pandemic, all light commercial vehicle transporters in the unorganised logistics sector are unable to work which has led to acute grocery shortages for the drivers themselves and of course their families.

Although the Indian government provides rice and wheat to families in need, Tusker has added to this by providing free distribution of essential groceries and toiletries to these unemployed drivers – benefiting around 1,500 families.  As well as this, Tusker identified people who: a) relied on its transportation jobs to support their families; b) came from an economically weaker sector; and c) had no other source of income and ensured a weekly amount was deposited into their accounts.

It’s amazing to see how we are all coming together during these troubling times to address the challenges that Covid-19 has brought.