GOGLA’s five point Covid-19 plan

Koen Peters, executive director of the Global Off-grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) has written a blog on the GOGLA website detailing how they are addressing the Covid-19 pandemic for its 180+ members.

“We concentrated first on understanding the size and nature of the impact, and what kind of help is needed,” said Koen. “Companies are seriously concerned, about keeping their workforce healthy and operational, about logistical challenges of getting stock into the country and to their customers, about getting paid by their customers, and about keeping their investors satisfied and supportive.”

In response, GOGLA is focusing its efforts in five areas:

  • Supporting relief funding, promoting job security and consumer protection
  • Calling on governments to recognise energy as an essential service
  • Collecting data on the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and consumers
  • Collaborating with technical assistance providers to ensure appropriate and needed support is available
  • Advocating for donors, development banks and foundations to continue consumer-based initiatives.

Read Koen’s full blog on GOGLA’s website

DFID and USAID logos

In these testing times, it will require a coordinated effort to ensure energy services continue to reach the low-income consumers who need it most. It is encouraging to see GOGLA, that we have supported since its founding in 2012 with co-funding from USAID and the UK government, quickly mobilising its leading sector position to support the response efforts.