Easy Matatu supports key workers during Covid-19

SF partner Easy Matatu, one of the earliest stage companies in our portfolio, has eagerly risen to the Covid-19 relief effort challenge.

Easy Matatu is reforming the existing, informal minibus-taxis (known as “matatus”) industry by building a community of trusted matatu drivers and a fleet of clean and safe vehicles to provide first-rate transportation to the public. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant they have had to suspend normal services for the safety of their customers and drivers.  Nevertheless, they are providing support in a number of ways:

  • Partnered with Toyota in Uganda to provide transport to and from a local hospital for medical workers
  • Provided more than 35 drivers who have worked and been trained by them with an unconditional cash transfer to alleviate their lack of earnings during the crisis
  • Continued to provide safe and reliable support for companies of staff that provide essential services
  • Maintained 15 staff members to ensure they are able to serve their community

Easy Matatu’s mission has always been to improve the lives of commuters and drivers in the informal minibus industry and even under difficult circumstance they are continuing to do so.