ASOBO officially launch ‘e-boarders’ on Lake Victoria

SF partner and Kenyan start-up ASOBO officially launched last week, offering replacement electric engines – or e-boarders – for fishing boats, which are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional petrol engines.

Thousands of fishing boats – at present powered by expensive and polluting petrol engines – use Kenya’s Lake Victoria every day.  ASOBO plans to reduce the negative impact of fuel emissions as well as provide reliable and inexpensive engines to fisherfolk.

ASOBO’s ‘Electric Propulsion as a Service’ provides customers with access to affordable and hassle free propulsion, with a full service leasing model:

  • Finance for the engine and batteries
  • Daily delivery, pick-up and charging of the batteries
  • Maintenance and repair of the electric engines
  • Training for the boat owners and crew.

ASOBO has built initial operations in Mbita, Kenya. They have hired the first team members, tested the technology and secured the support of world-class partners.

Speaking at the official launch, ASOBO CEO Laurens Friso said: “We will launch nine e-Boarders from Kikoda beach this evening. It’s a milestone we are incredibly proud of and wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible and hardworking team.”

George Okoth, Director of Fisheries for the local county where the launch was held said “we must embrace new technology, we must live out the past and move into the future. The county government are certainly in full support of this driver of positive change”.

By 2025 ASOBO aim to have electrified thousands of boats and built a sustainable platform for their mobility services.