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Easy Matatu is cleaning up Kampala’s transport sector

In a new report Easy Matatu present key insights from its work formalising the minibus taxi industry in Kampala, Uganda.

Informal transport is prevalent across greater Kampala, contributing to high traffic congestion and air pollution. With over 16,000 minibus taxis in operation, unregulated services and vehicles often mean customers are forced to use poorly maintained, unsanitary minibus taxis with volatile pricing. Traffic congestion costs the Ugandan economy 2.5 trillion Uganda shillings ($682m) annually.

Easy Matatu have begun reforming the existing transport landscape across Kampala, providing drivers with training and a safer fleet of well-maintained mini-bus taxis. Customers use a booking platform with scheduled rides and transparent pricing, reporting that the service has significantly improved their quality of life and reduced the stress of their commute.

Easy Matatu has sought to assess the impact on their customers, in terms of reliability, safety, affordability. Data was collected from more than 7,000 Easy Matatu customers through a questionnaire, focus group discussions and interviews with drivers.

The research uses case studies to present direct impact on customers like Melissa, who’s daily commute has been reduced by 45 minutes and says Easy Matatu’s services have been a ‘life saver’.

Delving deeper, Easy Matatu have also used this research to look at the environmental implications of their business model, and the market challenges still to be addressed.

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